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An experimental website, watch them transform into smudged interconnected chunks of words


As technology advances, relationships seem to become more volatile. In the past, people used to convey their love through letters instead of messages, which carried a tender and heartfelt sentiment. As letters accumulated and they have more shared words, their world became more solid. I wanted to recreate the analog feel of letter-writing in a digital environment.


In my project, I aimed to create a seamless fusion between the analog and digital experiences, with a strong emphasis on the concept that love transcends any specific form or medium. My inspiration stemmed from the art of writing letters, where the tactile experience of pen touching paper leaves a distinct texture. I was determined to replicate this effect within a digital environment.


I drew upon the concept of a typewriter, which represents a bridge between the analog and digital forms of writing and typing. By incorporating elements of the typewriter's nostalgic charm, I sought to evoke the same sense of connection and intimacy that arises from writing a heartfelt letter. Through this creative approach, I endeavored to blend the familiarity of the past with the convenience and versatility of modern technology, resulting in a truly unique and captivating user experience.


Experimental Website


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