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Legal Alien 

It is common for immigrants to have two identities: their own country and the country where they live. Adapting to the new culture is a challenge for them. The passport allows people to sympathize with immigrants' struggles.

이민자들이 두가지 정체성을 가지는 것은 흔한 일이다 - 그들의 고향과 그들이 지금 살고있는 곳. 새로운 문화에 적응하는 것은 쉽지 않다. 이 여권은 독자를 이민자의 여정에 초대하여 그들에게 공감할 수 있도록 한다.


People can interact with the object by filling in the blank pages with stamps that depict the experiences of immigrants, which can be difficult to read and challenging to place correctly. This is intentionally designed to evoke the frustration and obstacles immigrants face. By engaging with this object, people can gain a deeper understanding of immigrant experiences and cultivate greater compassion towards them.

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